Programs For Veterans

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About Our Programs for Veterans

Vendaval serves our nation with a strong belief that every veteran is valuable and deserves our unfailing support. Veterans lived their lives in the service of others and it is only just that we provide them with the most assistance possible. We have well trained resource persons from different career areas to train and encourage them. Vendaval is here to make things possible for veterans and help them live a more fulfilling life.

One of Vendaval, Corp's missions, is to make a positive difference to the lives of veterans by providing them transition assistance into the community; mentoring; job placement; transportation from and to medical appointments; on the job training; housing assistance; business attire assistance; home furnishings; transportation funding; and other needs that are not accessible or available to veterans.

Vendaval Corporation is dedicated to providing well-rounded services to the veteran community,  with the ultimate goal of enhancing their lives in all aspects. Backed by a dynamic and devoted community team, Vendaval aims to reach out to a majority of community members and help open doors to a world of opportunities for veterans.

Below are Resources and Programs For Veterans

  • Transition Assistance

    Help with all aspects of transitioning into the community

  • Mentoring

    Placing veterans with mentors who have already made the transition

  • Counselling

    Counselors will be available to help in a variety of areas

  • Job Placement Assistance

    We have resources & community support to help with job placement 

  • Transportation

    Transportation to and from medical appointments

  • On the Job Training

    On the job training will be provided in one of our retail spaces

  • Housing Assistance

    Assistance with housing both temporary and long-term

  • Business Attire and More

    Business attire for interviews and many more resources will be available

More About Vendaval, Corp.

Our project's key market differentiators

  • Uncompromising service to our residents

    All residents must have a sense that the management and staff care about them as an individual.

  • Market & demographics research prior to development

    We have developed proprietary research expertise enabling us to determine the locations where citizens have the need and financial ability for our services.

  • Regulatory research and analysis

    Regulatory research and analysis assure that we comply with state and local statutes.

  • Marketing & Lease-up activities

    All of our marketing and lease-up activities are done on a continual basis.

  • Employee Hiring, Training, & Retention

    At Vendaval, all employees will continually be trained and certified to help them improve performance. Vocational training will also be offered as part of compensation packages.

  • Controlled but aggressive development

    Controlled but aggressive development of the facility that meets our criteria – growth must not be at the expense of management control and profitability.