Programs For Adults

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About Our Programs for Adults

Part of Vendaval’s mission is to inspire and make a positive impact using our programs for adults aged 18 and up. We aim to help adults who are working and/or studying to make better decisions on their educational and career paths, get good internship and training opportunities, manage their finances well and have a quality household and family life.

For adults 18 or older, Vendaval provides education tutoring for all levels of high school or higher education, GED preparation and trade school counseling, job placement, counseling, mentoring, college placement assistance, guidance for financial aid preparation, internships, on the job training, management training programs, after school childcare for single parents or for children with two parents working, housing assistance, and benefits guidance and assistance.

Adults 18 or older comprise the majority of our workforce. This is why it is necessary that they have access to high-quality professional and personal development programs and are well educated and trained by reputable resource persons from several markets. This will enable them to contribute better to the workforce and be catalysts for good change in the community.