Equity Investment Project

Living made simple

About our Equity Investment Opportunity

Drawing of the proposed 94 residential unit complex for Vendaval, Corp.
Vendaval, Corp plans to build a 94 unit apartment complex on approximately two (2) acres of land. [not actual project drawings.]

Vendaval, Corp is executing on a plan to develop approximately two (2) acres of land. The completed project will include ninety-four (94) residential units and 20,000 sf of commercial facilities. These additional facilities will include entertainment venues, restaurants, and other amenities to support not only our apartment residents, but local residents as well. This project will also create many new jobs in Santa Ana, California. Vendaval, Corp will achieve market leadership by bringing additional living accommodations to this community and the surrounding large metropolitan area. Do not miss this unique opportunity to earn equity AND help the community at the same time. 

Our project's key market differentiators

  • Uncompromising service to our residents

    All residents must have a sense that the management and staff care about them as an individual.

  • Market & demographics research prior to development

    We have developed proprietary research expertise enabling us to determine the locations where citizens have the need and financial ability for our services.

  • Regulatory research and analysis

    Regulatory research and analysis assure that we comply with state and local statutes.

  • Marketing & Lease-up activities

    All of our marketing and lease-up activities are done on a continual basis.

  • Employee Hiring, Training, & Retention

    At Vendaval, all employees will continually be trained and certified to help them improve performance. Vocational training will also be offered as part of compensation packages.

  • Controlled but aggressive development

    Controlled but aggressive development of the facility that meets our criteria – growth must not be at the expense of management control and profitability.