About Vendaval Corp

Living made simple

Who We Are and What We Do

Vendaval Corp is based in Southern California. Our primary mission is to serve the youth, adults, and veterans of the community through many programs for free. What is unique is that at Vendaval Corp, we strive to be self-sufficient by paying for all our programs through Retail Businesses and Real Estate Development.

Meeting the Urgent Need for Housing

At Vendaval we recognize that the need for affordable housing is at a crisis level, especially for veterans as they transition from warriors to workers. This is why we are building a self-sustaining, mixed-use development.  Our vision is to not only build apartments, but to create purpose, and establish a vibrant community for veterans, independent-living seniors and anybody who needs a roof over their heads.

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Want to Know More?

Things are moving quickly here at Vendaval. We have already acquired our first property in in Moreno Valley, CA. for our first development; a 400+ unit apartment complex with retail space on the first floor. Click on the button below to read our Press Release to learn more.

Business Investment Opportunities

Quality investment opportunities are here and we adapt in a complex, changing marketplace. Our investments hope to consistently achieve high returns while managing appropriate investor risk.


Community & Professional Development

Lifelong learning will serve you well in your job or career. Professional development simply means keeping up to date on the trends, skills, technologies, and other characteristics of your field. We will bring jobs and careers to our communities.